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See How You Score on the Web

Local Search Is Very Important

When people search for a local business, they’re looking to buy.


The Latest Stats on Web Visitors That Buy

  • 1/3 of searches are local (location-based)
  • 50% of mobile searches are local
  • 40% of people look up something local once a day
  • 2/3 look up something 3-4 times a week



Super-Charge Your Local Search Traffic

Local listings that are incorrect across USA

Appear everywhere customers are searching for businesses like yours

  • Your Business Listing Scan – Scan to see how your business information appears across the 50+ sites in the PowerListings Network before you sign up. Once live, check the status of your listings with one click.

  • Guaranteed Presence – Our technology automatically adds listings and updates critical fields like name, address, phone number and website, across the GeoMarketing Cloud. Change your information anytime and we guarantee your updates will be accurate and up-to-date everywhere.

Stand out from the competition with enhanced content

    Local listing network distribution

  • Detailed Categories – Add categories to increase traffic. 49% of searches are unbranded. Our catalog of 2,500 categories automatically maps to be compatible with the PowerListings Network.

  • Photos and Video Uploads – Engaging content like photos and videos significantly increases clicks on your profile. Listings with videos saw 282% more clicks and updated photos had 248% more. PowerListings makes it easy to add and update them instantly.

  • Enhanced Content Lists – Much of what’s happening at your business location isn’t represented on your online listing. Add in-store business information like Product/Service Lists, Event Calendars, Staff Bios and Menus to your online listings.

See customer feedback in real time

  • Review Monitoring – We actively monitor all your business listings for reviews and automatically updates your account about new ones. See all reviews ever published, or monitor reviews from the last 24 hours.

  • Email Review Notifications – Receive an alert email when new reviews are posted to allow timely responses. Set the alert by search criteria to send to central marketing teams or to local store managers.

Track local search performance with full analytics

  • Advanced Reporting – First-ever available tracking platform for all local
    listings traffic to show impact to views and traffic.

  • Smart Cross-Tab and Filter – See your profile views, search impressions and featured message clicks across days, weeks and month, so you can track the metrics that matter to you.



Before and after listing sync


Local Search Matters to Businesses

People take action after searching locally:

People who take action from local search




Location Data Is Often Broken

  • 40% of location information is incorrect
  • Most listings don’t have photos and videos to give buyers confidence
    • And engagement on those listings increases to 242% if they do

What Do We Do About It?

  • Mission: Get perfect location and listing information across the web
  • We allow businesses own their information and correct it
    • Location software to digitize and manage location info
    • Network to instantly publish rich info on 45+ sites and apps

What Do We Offer?

Control of your listings and performance measurement

We have a partnership with Yext, the only provider with direct relationships with publishers to guarantee timely updates.

Richness in listings with images and video

Exclusive special fields on listings will help users get the information they need to make a decision.

We handle everything

Managing location information means instant and easy access and reporting.



PowerListings Helps You Get More Business

Reach customers in your neighborhood

Our Network has more than 50 leading sites maps and apps including Yahoo!, Yelp and Bing. Wherever your customers are searching, they’ll find you.


Guaranteed accurate and up-to-date business information

Our Dual-Sync technology and direct relationships with all our partners ensure your geodate and local content is accruate and updates are at warp speed.

Your mobile solution

PowerListings Network includes more than 15 mobile apps and our Page Widgets are built with responsive design so your details look good on any device.


Save time with one-click updates

Enter your information only once to get list listed instantly across our Network. It only takes one click to see how PowerListings saves you time and money.

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